Thursday, March 15, 2012

~Rustic Chic~ My Etsy pics of the week…

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There is something so inviting when you blend warm earth tones together. You get a cozy feeling of home and a sense of familiarity. The richness that this color pallet gives is a cohesive comfort and a “lived in” feeling. The products that I featured this week all have a rustic, yet elegant look and will easily fit into any design aesthetic.

Friday, December 10, 2010

~French Flair~ My Etsy pics of the week...

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There is so much romance that surrounds all things French. From pretty ephemera and textiles, perfectly aged rusted iron and lovely tarnished silver to gorgeous scrolled fonts, beautifully detailed designs and ornate architectural details.

Many of these pieces may seem “imperfect” to some, but to me, it is these imperfections that I look for when purchasing pieces. I love the aged, time worn look.

Each individual piece has it’s own history and when brought together they create the perfect blend of warmth, interest and elegance.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

~My Interview with Vintageweave Interiors~

Each month I will be doing a Q & A interview with someone who inspires me. The interviews will be on Websites, Blogs & Boutique shops.

This months interview is with Kathy, the owner of Vintageweave Interiors. Kathy has an upscale boutique located in Los Angeles. She also has an online shop and a beautiful Blog.  

v18  (Kathy’s answers are in blue)

  1) Do you remember when you first started being interested in design?

Absolutely! In grade school I started rearranging my bedroom, often moving my furniture much to my mother's chagrin! She'd hear movement and rumblings, and was aghast to walk in my room only to find I preferred the bed under the window! It's amazing how strong a little girl's legs are when used as leverage! I constantly made highly-decorated cardboard houses for my Barbie's, too. My Ken had the first hipster NY pad, complete with fake fur wallpaper made from dyed cotton balls!

v1 v3

     2) Can you tell me when you started your Blog and a little bit about what made you decide to start it?

The blog began three years ago as a way to highlight our favorite items brought back on our frequent pilgrimages to France, as well as general treasure hunting around town. Because there are so many facets to Vintageweave in addition to the boutique and online store (gift baskets to the entertainment industry, consulting on set designs, private client design, etc), we also wanted a venue to let our customers and clients know what was going on with our multi-faceted business. Also, we are a mainly private-appointment boutique so writing on the blog and Facebook allows us to still keep in touch with the many who may only know us through online ordering. It was never set out to win awards or copy and paste all the beautiful inspirational pictures from other blogs or magazines; just an extension of the overall business. The beautiful, unexpected thing is that it has allowed us to have a more personal relationship with our regular clients stateside and abroad. We really have the best followers of this business and I love interacting with all these beautiful souls. {Note: In this age of instant gratification and an over-active workload, we're now a bit more focused on enjoying these connections through our business Facebook page.}  

3) Did anyone specific influence you?

Both of my parents are highly creative. I remember in the 70's how everyone would marvel at the "chic" brown wall my parents painted as an accent. However, It ends in the home decor genes for me; they are highly talented and self-taught in landscape design, whereas my thumb is pretty brown. My father passed last year and he made me some Fleur de Lis burlap banners two years ago; it's one of the first things people comment on when entering the boutique.  Since we didn't grow up with a lot of money, I was fortunate to be surrounded by out-of-the-box creativity out of necessity.

v16 v13

4) You are so talented, can you tell me about some of your interests?

Well since Vintageweave is a French Lifestyle store, I obviously have a serious passion for that part of the world. I've always been drawn to simple and natural decor found in farmhouses in the South of France. And I love splashes of French red!  What many don't know about me is I'm also  passionate about cooking. While I won't win awards, I have been am fortunate to have taken many cooking classes in Italy and France. Several years ago I was fortunate to have one of my designs {French Hemp Silverware Sleeve) purchased en masse by professional chef, Nigella Lawson. Out of that relationship she gave me a list of "must have's" to overhaul my  gadgets; as a result my kitchen is the gathering spot for group cooking at  frequent dinner parties. I love entertaining! My favorite present to myself on my birthday is to throw my own party where I can offer up every single detail of design!   My boyfriend would tell you that I'm passionate about shoes, but what does a man who lives in Converse know!

v12 v8
5) Where are some of the places that you have been featured?

InStyle Home, Los Angeles Magazine, Bon Appetite, Gourmet Magazine, House Beautiful, Romantic Homes and Country Living, to name a few of my favorite shelter magazines. Also, many of  Vintageweave's items were featured in several clients' homes in O at Home and Oprah.
v5 v7
6) What items are currently inspiring you?

Antique French postal bags for amazing, one-of-a-kind pillows and dog beds and I have a never-ending passion for antique and vintage French tea towels. I drool every time I run across them. Antique French Garden Chairs with scrolled arms offer a simplicity and romance that I love putting into my client's homes right now.  While I adore some reproductions, there's nothing like an antique item where you can let your mind wander as to the family that sat around the old table, wiping their mouths with the vintage linens and sharing their day's events. If these items could speak ah the stories they would enliven us's such a privilege to hold something in your hands that was once loved by another no longer on this earth.

7) Can you tell me what future projects you are working on and any new things that we can look forward to reading about on your Blog and Facebook?

I just started working on Sharon Osbourne's dressing room on the set of her new talk show so hope to share pictures as the design unfolds; procuring props for several set designers for four upcoming feature film and television shows;  and a client has purchased her third Malibu, CA home in 2 years which I shall begin to tackle. Additionally, we have several magazine spreads coming out next year in Romantic Homes, California Magazine, Malibu Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine.  We're in the infancy stages of starting our own home decor accessory line, too. If I wasn't running around like a headless chicken I would probably be watching old Cary Grant movies whilst eating cupcakes!


Visit Vintageweave Interiors:

7928 West 3rd Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90048323.932.0451

Sunday, October 24, 2010

~Worn and Weathered~ My Etsy pics of the week…

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There is something so familiar about a perfectly distressed piece… We get a feeling of excitement of knowing exactly where we will place it and ponder slightly about the history it has experienced. I would love to have each of these items in my home and I think part of the love is bringing in that aged elegance and incorporating it with all of the other treasures that I know will surround them…

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~Vintage Silver~ My Etsy pics of the week…

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Vintage silver is so pretty and I love tarnished, aged pieces. To me the imperfections are what give each piece character and a sense of history. They are one of the easiest items to come across at thrift shops, flea markets and antique shops and are relatively inexpensive.

A pretty way to display silver pieces is to group them together as a collection or to display one larger piece, creating a beautiful focal point.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~Rolling Greens Nursery~


Rolling Greens is so much more than a nursery. With their vast selection of decorative accessories, antiques, cards, journals, candles, pottery and of course gorgeous floral and greenery, they have all that you could possibly be looking for.


(left) An abundance of romantic flowers fills this boutique nursery. (right) Vintage style books have empty pages, making them the perfect place to write all of your thoughts in…


The way they have blended the elegant, distressed antiques with the warmth and color of the surrounding flowers and greenery, is so inviting.


(left) An array of vintage bottles stand beside this stately urn brimming with ivy. (right) Vintage barrels with a beautiful patina add a rustic, outdoor look.

Gorgeous ranunculus are overflowing in this French wire basket placed perfectly next to an antique daybed.

(left) An assortment of worn bottles and storage containers make unique display pieces. (right) A single branch placed in one of these oversized glass jugs would make a beautiful focal point.


Everything about this vignette is perfect! The product placement throughout the boutique is impeccable…

(left) The vibrant colors of these flowers is so pretty. (right) Distressed chandeliers hang delicately from the high ceilings.


This pretty iron birdcage would make the perfect accent piece placed in a courtyard or garden.



This elegant iron gate would be a lovely decorative piece to place against an outdoor wall and drape with climbing roses or ivy.


(left) Vintage windows make the perfect backdrop to this garden setting. (right) Hanging nests seem to be floating freely.



(left) A gorgeous antique mirror is surrounded by elegant ivy topiaries. (right) A birdcage makes the perfect decorative display piece.



(left) Birds, nests and birdhouses are readily available and bring the outdoors in. (right) Every style of pottery imaginable is available, from simple and modern to detailed and ornate.


Sweet lavender placed in a French bucket makes a beautiful centerpiece.

(left) Lovely scented soaps, fill a rustic drawer. (right) A fleur-de-lis finial is ready to be placed on a post.


Nature inspired stamps, books and stationary fill many tables and shelves throughout the store.





The selection of candles is extensive yet, they remain inviting and cohesive as does everything throughout the nursery.



This incredible display caught my eye the second I walked in. Vintage birdcages hang from the branches, creating an instant and dramatic focal point!



The outdoor patio is filled with gorgeous urns waiting to be filled with beautiful flowers.


I had such a wonderful time photographing Rolling Greens and browsing through all of their stunning merchandise. I was so inspired by everything around me. There really is no place like it…


Visit Rolling Greens Nursery:

7505 Beverly blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 934-4500